The Big Blue Egg

We are in Texas and were able to participate, for the first time, in my family’s annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt (AEEH). There is one huge blue egg that lands the lucky hunter a very nice prize. The smaller plastic eggs are filled with candy, gifts, lottery tickets and even cash. There are prizes for finding the most eggs and the least eggs as well.

Give Kids a Helping Hand with History By Natalie Hale

Kids and history often don’t mix, especially when it comes to getting history into their heads. But that doesn’t have to be. Though it may surprise most parents and teachers, kids actually do like history.

Whispers and Warnings For March 30th

This Week:

Burnt Biscuit Ranch

Well, we arrived at my family’s ranch (named for my mother’s cooking!) on Sunday evening and while the children have been hard at work caring for the horses, mucking the stalls, and hauling sticks and manure, Richard and I have been sipping lemonade on the porch and enjoying our “vacation.”

Monitoring a Forum Can Take Its Toll By Angela Hoy

I am a firm believer in Internet forums and discussion lists, which are public places where people can easily and instantly post their opinions, complaints and more online. Unfortunately, not everybody with a computer was taught manners by their parents and there are more people than I ever realized in this world who are crooks…

A Home Run On The First Pitch By Bryan Fields

I started a novel during my senior year of college. I re-started occasionally for the next twenty years, always feeling like I’d never be good enough to avoid rejection. My wife finally put her foot down. “You want to be a writer. WRITE.”

Whispers and Warnings For March 23rd

This Week:

  • FYI Television – Inquiry only. Anybody worked with them?
  • GLUBE.COM – Inquiry only. Anybody worked with them?
  • Transitions Abroad Magazine – Writers report good experiences.
  • Garden and Hearth – Inquiry only. Anybody worked with them?
  • Bookman – Writer asks us to disregard anything positive or negative he said previously. Says, “They said they would do a lot but after a year I have given up on them.”
  • Academic World – Inquiry only. Anybody worked with them?

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