Cough, Hack, Wheez…

We’re having one of those weeks. Max has been very ill. Frank has started coughing again (he’s been sick for a couple of weeks now), and I’m coming down with my third bug since Christmas. This morning it was 9 below zero, his morning it was 9 below zero. Frank missed the bus, Percy (the dog) threw up on the carpet, and then van wouldn’t start…

Want to Get Your Press Release Published?

Personalize, Localize, Editorialize and Sensationalize!
What makes a press release end up in print instead of in an editor’s garbage can? Many marketers resort to pleading to get their products and service in the public eye for free via the press release. You, too, should offer PLEAS to editors, which means your press release should Personalize, Localize, Editorialize or Sensationalize…

Letters for January 28th

~Frozen Nose Hairs~
For many years, “nose-hair-sticking-together-cold” has been a term I use for the kind of weather you are describing. You step outside the house, encased in your state-of-the-art thermal protection, take a breath and ZINGO…
~Oh My!~~
I hope I don’t offend you by saying this, but . . . oh my Gosh! Last week’s article looks like it was written by me

Editorial Service Kickbacks? Reading Fees? Protect Yourself! By Diane Craver

All kinds of scams are committed everyday. We read in the newspaper and see on television about people of all ages being taken advantage of by dishonest persons. But I never thought I’d be a victim of a well-known New York agent. I hope you haven’t experienced what I did several years ago. I still get a sick feeling whenever I read about the people I put my trust in.

One Things Leads to Another! By Shirley Bahlmann

Even though I lived there, I’m embarrassed to admit that I failed to see the obvious. It was only after a friend asked me when I was going to write about the tornado that the light bulb nearly blinded me. I got busy, conducted over 70 interviews, tracked down photographs, and ultimately self-published a 130-page book titled Manti Tornado Stories. Copies sold right out of my hands!

Frozen Nose Hairs

Well, during basketball practice last week, Ali somehow managed to dislocate her basketball coach’s finger. However, he was much kinder than my old gymnastics coach, and even “set” his finger behind his back so as not to further upset Ali. Apparently it’s something that happens to him a lot, but Ali was still quite distraught.

Frigid Weekends Great for Fiction!

It’s going to be terribly cold here this weekend. The weather will be perfect curling up with my big pillows and reading some great fiction!

Welcoming the Good Clients While Shunning the Bad By One Wiser Businesswoman

Welcoming the Good Clients While Shunning the Bad By One Wiser Businesswoman

The time-period spanning December 2003 and January 2004 was
terrible for my Writing Services business. It would take me a year
to write an accurate account about what happened to hurt my
business during that time.
Every snafu was a problem caused by some jerk of a client. I
immediately realized two things about that week: 1) The need
to disengage from Immoral Scofflaws, and 2) The need to
rethink how I do business as a writer…

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