Letters For January 21st

~Kudos From One Who’s Been There~

Hi Angela,

I’m a full-time writer from Annapolis, MD. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the e-zine. I’ve been a subscriber for just a couple months, but I’m hooked. As a former e-zine editor in chief with 8,000+ subscribers, I can understand the time and energy it must take to put together the newsletter/website. Thanks for all your hard work!


~More Kudos on Morals Article~


I really liked your article “Don’t Compromise Your Happiness or Morals For a Buck.” Those arrogant folks who (to me) think they are gods because they have loads of money are sickening. If arrogance and a “worship me attitude” is part of someone’s personality, I’d rather not be around them. If by my actions, they think I am “jealous” then so be it. I’m glad you tell it like it is.

Francis W. Alexander