Your Writing As a Loving (and Inexpensive!) Holiday Gift!

Well, on Saturday it will be November (already?!). And that means less than a month until the holiday season begins! While Walmart has had their Christmas trees up for awhile now (do they ever take them down?), I’m just now getting around to making my list. And each year (while balancing my checkbook), I try to think of ways to turn my creativity into homemade gifts.

Writer Needs Help ASAP

I’ve posted a notice to the interview requests page twice in the past month and nobody has yet responded. I really need help!

Write What You Know?! Ha! by Bob Freiday

Write what I know? Yeah, sure! I’m going to write about running a high-speed slitter in a plastics factory? I’m going to write about operating a gigantic vacuum metallizer? I’m going to write about blowing up three cars in two years while running around the state as a rock-n-roll advertising salesman? I’m going to write about baking bagels in a small bakery?

Everything I Needed to Know about Writing, I Learned from My Camera By Barbara Bell

In putting my photographs out into the world, I found that writing went hand-in-hand with it. I had to define who I was and what my art meant. I had to instruct others on how to achieve similar results. Quite frankly, I was thrilled. My dream job would combine writing and photography. I wanted to talk to people about having their picture taken and find out what was important to them. What ensued allowed me to pursue writing and photography as their own entities, sometimes allowing them to combine.

Max is Potty Trained

Well, after only a few weeks of frequent reminders (Need to potty, Max?! Huh? Huh??) and heaps of praise (“Yea! Big boy Max went potty! Let’s do the potty dance! Yippee! Yahoo!!), Max (age 25 months) is potty trained! He never has accidents on the floor and is very proud of himself each time he “makes potty.” So proud, in fact, that when he does “make potty”, he goes through the entire house, clapping his hands, and telling everyone present (family, friends, and even the UPS guy), “I made potty! I made potty!! Do potty dance!! Do potty dance!!” And, of course, we all dance!
I have to say that Max was, by far, the easiest of all the children to potty train. Shwew! And we’re already counting how much money we’re going to save on diapers! The amount will be significant! Max even insists on removing the little potty bowl himself and dumping it into the Big Boy Toilet (yes, he washes his hands). Yesterday, he made a big boy poopie in his potty and, much to Zach’s horror, carried it into Zach’s room to show Zach and his teenage friends his “Big Boy Poopie.”
Do you know what a toilet tattoo is? It’s what Max gets when he sits on his little potty for an hour while watching cartoons. He sure loves his potty!
Hugs to everybody!

Read Angela’s latest opinions on her blog on writing (updated regularly) from October 22nd

Read Angela’s latest opinions on her blog on writing (updated regularly). ~Okay, I Know It…I Ain’t No Poet!~ I’ve always admired poets. A talented poet strings words into beautiful music for my eyes…twisting adjectives into feelings, verbs into motion, nouns into objects I can reach out and touch with my psych…and names into living, breathing […]

Letters To the Editor: October 22nd

~Common Correspondence Mistakes~ I just read your article, Common Correspondence Mistakes Made by Writers and wanted to say, “You go, girl! Right on!” ~Midwest Foodservice News Is A Great Market!~ I have two topics I’d like to discuss with you. First, is your mother-in-law available to redo MY bathroom? 🙂 Second, I noted that there’s […]

Learn to Network — and Double or Triple Your Sales! By Bob Freiday, author of 10 Golden Rules of Freelance Writing and How I Broke Them (How to Break the Rules and Make It as a Magazine Writer)

And what an unbelievably lucrative phone call that turned out to be! Wow! In a nutshell, the editor said something along the lines of, “Well, Bob. Sure! I know many editors who could use a good writer. And I can comfortably recommend you, for sure. Let’s see. Got a pen? There’s Joan So-and-So, over at Such-and-Such publication. And Jill, over at That Other Publication. And Jim What’s-His-Face, who handles three different newsletters for us. I don’t know if you realize it, Bob– but I’m in a building with about twenty other editors. We publish, like, forty different publications here. And– OH! Why don’t you call Tammy– who edits This Publication and also That Publication. She’s always hungry for good writers. Sure– let me give you their extensions. Here you go… ”

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