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Let the Tourist Season Begin!

We’ve only been in the new house for three weeks and we’ve already had one family visit from Maine. This weekend, two of our good friends from Wisconsin are arriving and, in about 10 days, Grampa is coming for a nice, long visit. The kids are SO excited!

We’ll be celebrating Mason’s birthday a bit when Grampa is here by visiting Sea World. We are all very excited about that, too. Mason and Max have been watching back-to-back online videos about Sea World. Ah, I can remember how excited I used to get in the days leading up to our annual family visit to Astroworld in Houston. Not sure if any of you remember that place. When I was a teenager, my friends and I got season passes each year. It was eventually purchased by Six Flags but was later shut down. The last time we drove by it, many years ago, all we could see were weeds and an old, rusty roller coaster.

Max and Mason are now starting their homeschooling physical education first thing each morning with a refreshing dip in the pool. We invested a LOT of money in private swimming lessons for Mason last year and, while he can swim, he still likes to “play” in the pool with his floaties on.

This week, we successfully convinced him to get rid of his floaties and the tender moment was similar to a child giving up a beloved blanket. He took them off and sadly put them in the tub of pool toys. He then got into the pool and was thrilled to discover he can go all the way to the bottom to retrieve toys since the floaties are no longer forcing him to stay afloat. He surfaced, and yelled, “I LOVE swimming without floaties!”

This week’s Masonism:

“When my belly is full, a burp can make it feel better.”

Big hugs to all,

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