“Brass|MEDIA is a multimedia company. We are currently looking for writers for magazine articles as well as blog posts for both of our blogs, and We’re also interested in other media, such as infographics, comics or videos. Sign up for our contributor list at to access guides, pay scale information, and gain access to our email list, which distributes information about current writing opportunities. Our goal is to inspire and educate young adults in the 16-25 age range about the money side of life.” Welcomes new writers. Circ. 150k. Quarterly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms six months after acceptance. Buys all rights. Responds one week. Subscription $12.95. Our (pay) scale ranges from $50 to $80 depending on how many articles each writer has published with us before. $10-$25 bonuses may be added on top of that for length or difficulty, and an extra $25 bonus may be awarded for excellence. Blog posts are paid after publication, 5 cents per word.