Marketing Your Book to Conference Attendees (when you’re not even there!)

Marketing Your Book to Conference Attendees (when you’re not even there!)
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Have you ever been to a business conference or workshop and received a bag of goodies as you walked in the door? Have you ever won a door prize at one of these conferences or workshops? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to market your book to people attending a conference that complements your books topic…even if you’re not there?

I frequently send out free copies of my writing-related books to writing conference organizers along with fliers for my books and website, The conference organizers are happy to have another free gift to give away as a door prize (which is announced to all conference attendees as they’re all looking at their tickets, waiting to see if they’re winners), and also pleased to include fliers for my products and services in their attendees’ goodie bags.

Getting this kind of publicity can be easy for you, too. Simply get online and, using your favorite search engine, find large conferences or workshops that serve people who may be interested in your book. You can also find some lists of conferences and workshops at Then, contact the organizers of each conference and tell them you’d be happy to donate one (or more) of your books as a door prize for their conference attendees. At the same time, ask if you can send fliers to include in their attendees’ goodie bags.

Yes, it’s that easy!