Three Paying Markets for “Frugal” Writers – by Rachel Carrington

Three Paying Markets for “Frugal” Writers – by Rachel Carrington

The current pandemic has forced many of us writers to learn the art of living frugally, whether we wanted to or not. We’re finding new ways to save money, as well as how to live without things that aren’t absolutely necessary. Some of us may have even discovered information that isn’t already common knowledge in the frugal world, and that’s knowledge that can be shared for profit.

The following sites are actively looking for writers, and they’re especially interested in topics that cover frugal living. Since so many of them have already covered ways to save money on groceries and bills, shoot for something a bit more creative that you’ve learned. For instance, if you had to buy new tires recently, and figured out a way to save a large sum, that would make for an excellent article.

5 Best Things looks for lists, articles, and tips on many topics, including money and economy. You must be able to perform high-quality and accurate research. The pay is not great at $15-$30 per article, but you will know within three days if your list is accepted. They do pay a higher rate for reviews at $65.

Money Crashers is interested in writers that have a passion for helping readers with their finances, and one of their topics of interest is frugal living. They are looking for writers comfortable with research, as it pertains to your article, and they are interested in longer articles upwards of 3,000 words. The pay rate is competitive “with additional monthly performance incentives based on traffic,” which, most likely, means the more people that read your article, the more you’ll get paid.

The Dollar Stretcher is looking for articles up to 800 words in length, though 500-700 words is preferred. This site is a bit different in that they do ask for an expert quote in the body of your article, and it can’t just be a quote you find on the Internet. So, you’ll actually have to seek out an expert, which might be a bit more challenging. But, getting your foot in the door here could be a great boost to your writing income. They pay $0.10 a word but only for the articles that will be in the print magazine so make sure that you specify you are submitting to the print magazine in your query. In fact, they ask you to indicate “Print version” or “Online version” when you query.

We’re all having to live a lot more frugally these days but we’re also learning new tips and tricks that may help us earn a little extra side income. There’s certainly something to be said for suffering for your craft!


As well as being a published author of fiction, Rachel Carrington is also a nonfiction writer. She has written for The Writer, The Writers’ Journal, Rooted in Rights,, and the New York Times (essay due for publication in late 2020) as well as many others. She is also a writing instructor at Women on Writing and a contributor to Hidden Remote.