Email Copywriting: A High-Income Writing Service YOU Can Offer – by Karoki Githure

Email Copywriting: A High-Income Writing Service YOU Can Offer – by Karoki Githure

What is Email Copywriting?

Creating marketing or promotional text to attract potential customers is called copywriting. Writing emails for promotional purposes is called email copywriting. Lots of companies will gladly pay a professional to perform this task, especially if those emails generate lots of leads!

Who Needs Email Copywriting, and Why

Every day, consumers across the globe take time reading through emails on their inbox, either clicking on items of interest, or deleting items they don’t want to open. Only emails that attract clicks with irresistible subject lines get opened. And, only those emails that are interesting and/or provide real value to the readers manage to get a click-thru to a company’s website. Businesses looking for results-oriented ways of connecting and building relationships with customers and leads need email copywriting, which can deliver results under budget and on time.

Quality content is among the things businesses rely on to produce reliable and consistent sales results. Mastering the art of email copywriting helps you engage your client’s customer base while increasing your chances of doing more work for that client in the future.

What Makes a Great Email Copywriter

Many marketers encounter challenges trying to write compelling email copy to get customers to read them, and to take a specific action. Since email copywriting involves writing a persuasive subject line, interesting copy, and a precise call-to-action, a copywriter should hone various skills to succeed in this art.

Focusing on the reader should be your number one priority as a copywriter. You must carefully choose the words you use, and thoroughly plan how you’ll convey them to the readers. Make the email copy about the potential customer’s needs rather than about yourself. Addressing issues or discussing topics that are relatable to that client’s potential customers will help you get their attention.

Convincing the reader to engage with the email will be your main job. Success in this line of work is measured based on the conversions or leads (click-thrus) your content attracts.

The most important part of the email will be the subject line, of course. If people aren’t intrigued by that, the email will never get opened.

Beyond that, a good email copywriter knows how to bring ideas to life with specifics since vague email copy won’t keep people reading, or get them excited. Use specific examples any time your copy starts sounding vague. Storytelling is also a great motivator for buyers, putting a human touch on the copy, and making the company relatable to the potential customer. There are numerous books on the market about using storytelling in promotional text.

Be sure to convey to the email recipients exactly how the services or products you’re talking about can help them. Avoid mentioning a long list of features associated with a particular product. Instead, link to the company’s website where the potential customer can get additional information.

Always make your email short and to the point. The end goal is to get the customer to click through to the client’s website where they can read more about the offer, obtain something for free, or provide their email address to the client so that further marketing activities can be commenced directly by your client.


Karoki Githure is a full-time freelance writer and loves sharing with other writers on ways to earn through writing.

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