9 Paying Tutorial Markets for Writers – By Karoki Githure

9 Paying Tutorial Markets for Writers – By Karoki Githure

The Internet has made it easy to learn new things and various subjects wherever someone might be located. As a result, it has created a demand for tutorials for topics that might need a demonstration on how it’s done. Consequently, there are various websites offering tutorials to their readers, and interested writers can earn a living by submitting their content.

Below is a list of 10 sites that pay for tutorials.

1. Tutorials Point
Tutorials Point is a website designed to provide accessible online learning online. It targets readers who prefer to learn new skills from the comfort of their homes and at their own pace. Their tutorials cover a wide range of technical and non-technical subjects, such as programming languages, web design, and academics, among others. They are looking for self-learning tutorials. The writer has the power to select their preferred subject, and should show capability and command over the chosen topic.

Pays $250 to $500 per tutorial, depending on the length, complexity, and popularity of the subject. To apply, send a sample write-up of 2-3 pages on your preferred subject.

Guidelines for submission: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/about/tutorials_writing.htm

2. Vectordiary
Vector Diary provides the readers with illustrator tutorials and effects. In the illustrator tutorial section, they offer different types of tutorials, ranging from basic to advanced. They accept pitches that are exciting and new. It can either be a new technique for your projects, or a step-by-step to draw an illustration. Tutorials must be original and exclusive. To write for Vectordiary, submit a review of the final effects for approval.

Pays $150 per tutorial. 

Guidelines for submission: https://www.vectordiary.com/tutorial-submission

3. TutorialBoard
Tutorial Board specializes in software tutorials, such as graphics, design, and effects. The tutorials include Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, or any other engineering standard CG software. They are looking for original, unique, and impressive content that has not been published elsewhere.

Pays $150 per tutorial. 

Guidelines for submission: https://www.tutorialboard.net/get-paid-to-write

4. WPTuts+
WPTuts+ is a site that offers free video online training. It provides its readers with tutorials on website building with no tech jargon. Their training includes how to use various tools to easily create an attractive, mobile-friendly website. If interested, you can apply to become an official staff writer, or submit an individual article or tutorial. The materials can be on any topic as long as they are appealing, useful, and practical.

Pays $150 for individual tutorials. 

Guidelines for submission: https://code.tutsplus.com/articles/interested-in-writing-for-wptuts-read-on–wp-34446

5. Pxleyes
Pxleyes is a website that showcases people’s skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, photography, Bryce, 3ds-max, drawing, CorelDraw, Grimp, and Blender to its users, and also offers tutorials on the same. Apart from paying for submitted articles, Pxleyes creates exposure for its contributor’s website and name. Tutorials are submitted through a step-by-step process in their ‘my tutorial’ section, or emailed as a Word or PDF document.

Pays up to $200 per tutorial.

Guidelines for submission: http://www.pxleyes.com/tutorials/info

IONOS is a partner for small- and medium-sized businesses offering web hosting and cloud services. It offers entrepreneurs and business owners a platform to build an online presence by securing a domain, website building, and VPS hosting. They are looking for step-by-step instructions on technical topics that relate to installing or configuring software and applications. The content should focus on the reader, and fully convey technical topics.

Pays up to $200 per tutorial.

Guidelines for submission: https://devops.ionos.com/tutorials/get-paid-to-write

7. HostPresto!
HostPresto, a web hosting provider in the UK, provides tutorials for everyone from beginners to expert level. The tutorials topics vary widely, depending on the subject, such as web hosting, web development, web software, or any similar problem and user level. If interested, you are supposed to choose your topic of interest and target audience. They are looking for unique tutorials with comprehensive topics.

Pays £120 for full-length articles of 3000 words and £60 for tutorials of around 1500 words. 

Guidelines for submission: https://hostpresto.com/community/write

8. Photoshop Tutorials
Just as suggested by the name, Photoshop Tutorials specialize in tutorials on Photoshop. It enables readers to create anything they can imagine by learning beginner or refined skills. Photoshop Tutorials is also a platform where writers specializing in the tutorial niche can promote their work.

Payment per tutorial is $50 for a quick-tip, or $150-300 for a full tutorial.

Guidelines for submission: https://www.photoshoptutorials.ws/money-photoshop

9. TheTechLabs
TheTechLabs is an online magazine providing its readers with information on the latest tech developments, such as Smartphone devices, tablets, gaming consoles, and software, among others. If interested, you can select preferred topics provided, and get in touch with the moderator for the particular project. The topics include flash games, 3D software, and technology, flash animation, and more.

Pays $50-$75 per tutorial.

Guidelines for submission: http://www.thetechlabs.com/become-an-author


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Karoki Githure is a full-time freelance writer and loves sharing with other writers on ways to earn through writing.

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