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Paying Farm Trade Markets By David Berlin

If you love traveling through the heartland, if your politics are populist, if you have the ability to laugh at yourself, and if your writing, research, and interviewing skills are strong, you can write for the farming trades. These magazines publish articles on every topic from bull sperm to beekeeping, goat farming to organic vegetable farming, as well as cheesemaking, livestock breeding, and cattle ranching.

Paying Vice Markets By David Berlin

Craps, Baffert’s Gin, Santa Damiana cigars, exotic destinations like Montreal, Morocco, Costa Rica, St. Kitt. Micro-micro small batch beers and Watanabe-tailored suits. Cigarette boats.
All of these are vice-related article ideas that have appeared or appear regularly in the pages of magazines like Esquire, Cigar Aficionado, All About Beer, Wine Spectator, and the whole host of poker and gambling related magazines that you can find at any large newsstand. And if you like the things I’ve just spoken of, you can write about them too.

Music to Your Ears: Paying Musician Magazine Markets By David Berlin

Music to Your Ears: Paying Musician Magazine Markets By David Berlin

Magazines for musicians have been around in their present form since the early 1960s. Every kid with $25 for an acoustic guitar or $150 or so for a really nice, American-made electric was forming a rock ‘n’ roll band, while other kids played orchestral instruments such as flute, violin and double bass. The folk revival was on and magazines like Sing Out and Broadside supplemented the incomes of the popular players of the day by publishing their compositions. Kids who were really rebellious played jazz. Music was everywhere, and the magazines covered it.

Paying Association Magazine Markets By John K. Borchardt

Magazines published by hundreds of associations and professional organizations offer lucrative freelance markets. The ‘Associations’ section of WritersMarket.com lists 34 association magazines and there are many more. The ‘Encyclopedia of Associations’ lists over 135,000 nonprofit membership organizations worldwide while the ‘National Organizations of the U.S.’ details over 22,200 national associations.

Alternative Press Markets (includes 13 paying markets) By Kristine Hansen

You’ve no doubt seen your community’s alternative newspaper stacked by the hundreds in a rack at grocery stores, bookstores, and gas stations. Helpful for planning weekend entertainment, the pages are packed with features on museum exhibits, concerts and restaurant openings. (In my city, anyone with an iota of the local 411 scene is seen reading one on Thursdays.). And, news about local politics – racier, sexier and bolder than the area dailies – is also covered…

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