“I’ll Be There Anyway” – How One Simple Phrase Turned into Multiple Income Opportunities By Cheryl Pickett

Sometimes people say part of success is the luck of being in the right place at the right time. While that may be true to a point, I think the other part of it is knowing what to do once you get there.

The Kick Off Opportunity

This particular series of events actually wasn’t started by me, but by my husband. He’d booked a well-known musician to speak to a local high school band class and thought that would make a good story for our small town paper. Since I have been a freelancer since 1999 with a lot of experience with newspapers (not this one however), I volunteered to make the pitch. Having been successful in the past approaching local editors by phone, that was the route I chose again.

I also knew the paper only has one full time reporter and a freelancer or two. As I suspected, he didn’t know if they’d have someone available. I was prepared for that answer however, so my response was, “I’ll be there anyway. Would you like me to cover it for you?” After a brief discussion about my experience and his freelance needs in general, he said he’d get back with me to let me know for sure if they’d need my help. The next day, he called to say he called to offer the assignment.

Opportunity #2-8

I turned that story in on a Saturday and a few days later, the editor called to see if I was interested in more work. He had a handful of late entries for a business profile section. His next question was, “How many can you handle?” We decided on five articles with photos to be submitted within the next eight days. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever done that many pieces in that short a time, but I went for it and I met the deadline (keeping my record pretty spotless).

Following that success, I was assigned two more pieces and I will continue to be on his list unless something changes.

Opportunity #9

You’re reading it.

Now, my question for you is where will you be tomorrow, next week or next month and who might want to know?

Cheryl Pickett is an author, writer and online marketing consultant to solo-entrepreneurs including non-fiction authors, speakers, and coaches. She also enjoys going to marching band competitions and has a long list of zoos and aquariums she’d love to visit someday. You can find her at: www.cherylpickett.com.


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