Go With The Flow By Katie Datko

What began as a hunt for work as a yoga instructor six years ago has continued as a career path in writing. A simple search on with the key word YOGA pulled up a website looking for writers. Within 2 weeks I was a paid writer for a spiritual website. Economics and paring down led to layoffs after about 2 years, but by that time I had enough experience working with editors and writing on a daily basis to get used to finding new writing work. The gig I got after was through a friend when I started writing scripts for an NPR slot.

The recession forced me to leave my writing behind briefly. Figuring that technical writing might be a good market, I took an online course and within a year I found my present writing job — working for the Distance Education Department at a local community college. This new job may not be as creative or glamorous as my previous freelance jobs were but the pay is constant and good and I have several new skill sets to add to my writing resume. The best part is that being a paid writer once again has given me the confidence and motivation to pursue other (paid and non-paid) creative writing outlets. It’s all about being flexible about the types of writing I do.

In this mercurial market, my key to success as a freelancer has always been to accept when an assignment is over and then adapt to whatever new writing jobs come my way. Going with the flow might not take me where I want to be at first, but it does get me there eventually – and always with a greater amount of experience and understanding of the joys of being a professional writer.

Katie Datko currently works as a technical writer and is a regular contributor to the Get Born Blog. She has contributed to the LA WEEKLY, the LohDown on Science on NPR, and Get Born Magazine.


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