How I Landed 2 High-Paying Clients Using Facebook Groups! by Haneef Davenport

How I Landed 2 High-Paying Clients Using Facebook Groups! by Haneef Davenport

Facebook groups are an absolute gold mine for bloggers, freelancers, and business owners looking to connect with like minded people and ideal clientele. Originally, I joined Facebook groups to promote the work I was publishing on my blog. I probably am a member of over 100 different Facebook groups, and a good half of them are strictly business-related. I’d planned on getting some traffic to my blog, learning new tips and techniques about blogging, and connecting with other writers and bloggers like me. As time went on, I discovered Facebook groups specifically for freelance writers/ bloggers, too. It felt good to bounce ideas off of each other, get advice, and learn new ways to get better at the business.

One day, I was scrolling through the discussions, and spotted a post written by a woman who’d just opened her online skin care boutique, and who needed some help with web copy. Back then, business was painfully slow for me and there weren’t many people that were looking for help in my writing niche. So, I jumped on the opportunity, and offered her my email, and a few examples of my work. She told me she was highly impressed with my work, and wanted to get started immediately. We briefly negotiated a rate and she was my new client within a week. I happened to be the first person in the group that had responded to her inquiry so I believe that was a good advantage.

The next instance happened somewhat unexpectedly but it was a blessing nonetheless. I’d shared a blog post in a daily thread (that’s when group members are prompted to share a specific link to a blog post, social media post, newsletter sign-up form, etc.). I was happy to have gotten a little traffic and engagement/feedback on my blog post. The next day, I received an email from a familiar name. It happened to be one of the people that left a comment on my post the day before. She told me how much she loved my writing, and read that I was a freelance writer on my website’s author bio.

She then began to tell me how she’d been struggling working with writers from places like Upwork and Craigslist, and needed someone serious, with exceptional skill, that could work for her consistently for at least the next six months. Shocked, I thanked her for complimenting my work and we got into her expectations and ideal pay rates. I was surprised again to see that she was willing to pay whatever I asked for. Usually, the people that look for workers on sites like Upwork and Craigslist want top quality for bottom dollar. I’d guessed that she learned that cheap rates usually don’t get top quality results in the end. She turned out to be my very first ongoing high-end client, all from just sharing a post in a Facebook group!

While the second instance may have been more on the lucky side, there are actionable steps you can take to earn high quality clients for your freelance writing business through Facebook.

Join high quality Facebook groups. They’re not all created equal and some have better engagement than others. Shop around, and give yourself a few days to get to know what the group is about and the kind of people that mingle in there. I have a few stories of joining writers groups that were filled with a bunch of non-useful links, people asking the same redundant questions over and over, and business owners looking for “$10 articles, 500 words each, 4 times a week, nonnegotiable, etc.!” Yeah, right. Like I’m going to allow you to pay me $40 a WEEK. This is not Fiverr, dude.

I wouldn’t advise joining huge groups with over 40,000 members. You can if you want but I found that things get way too spammy very quickly, and you can end up getting caught in a scam if you’re not cautious. I find that smaller groups with maybe a few hundred or a few thousand are more intimate, and people are serious about their work.

Make sure you’re ALWAYS following the rules and making sure you read them carefully before sending a join request. For many groups, it’s a requirement and you’ll also be asked a few questions before you’re granted access.

Check in daily to your favorite groups to stay informed of any potential opportunities. Ask and answer questions, offer your own expertise, and share your work when appropriate. Participate, and don’t be a ghost!

If you see an opportunity that sounds good for you, take it! Don’t hesitate or wait to take action. Don’t let self doubt or fear hold you back. Getting paid is far more important than how nervous you feel right now.


Haneef Davenport is a freelance writer and blogger for hire who writes articles and blog posts about women’s topics such as beauty, fashion, crafts/DIY, women’s health and wellness, and pop culture. She also enjoys writing on topics such as blogging, entrepreneurship, social media, and local/regional attractions of the Washington DC metropolitan area. You can see examples of her work on sites like Writers Weekly, TheTalko, and her own blog, Follow her on Instagram, @hellohaneef and Twitter @haneefiman.


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  1. Jeanette  November 3, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Good advice. Very timely for me. I’ve been working with beginning writers in person and am in the process of moving my business online.