Website: https://wyngraf.com/
Guidelines: https://wyngraf.com/submissions

Editor: Nathaniel Webb, Publisher
Email address: mailto:wyngraf@gmail.com

About The Publication:

“Wyngraf publishes original cozy fantasy short stories and occasional other features such as interviews.” Welcomes new writers. Biannual. Pays within 90 days of acceptance. Publishes ms within 2-3 months of acceptance. Buys first international English serial rights. No reprints. Responds in 2-4 weeks. Guidelines online.

Pays $0.015/word

Current Needs:

“We are only open for one-week reading periods approximately twice per year. During those times we look for original short stories in the cozy fantasy genre.” Pays $0.015/word for 3000-8000 words. Submit complete manuscript only during submission windows only.

Pays $0.015/word for 3000-8000 words


“None currently, but interested cover artists are encouraged to submit portfolios to wyngraf@gmail.com.” Pays $250-$300/cover illustrations.


“Please make sure you read our submission guidelines and understand what we mean when we say “cozy fantasy!” We get a lot of stories that are too dark or violent, are set on Earth, include modern technology, etc. These will never fit at Wyngraf.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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