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The Technoskeptic

The Technoskeptic
P.O. Box 391463
Cambridge MA 02139-9998

Phone: 888-541-8877

Editor: Mo Lotman, Publisher
Email address:

About The Publication:

“Technoskeptic is a magazine taking a refreshingly critical, even countercultural look at the impact of technology on society.” Welcomes new writers. 90% freelance. Publishes weekly updates online. Pays on invoice after final edit, net 30 days. Period between acceptance and publication varies – “Could be immediately or after a few months. The rights are generally work for hire but (we) could work out individual relationships.” Accepts reprints depending on circumstance. Responds after a couple of weeks. Sample online at Subscription $5/mo. Pays flat fee starting at $75/article on a gradually increasing scale over time. Most articles are currently 1100-1400 words. Just send a cover email explaining your interest in the topic, with a link to some samples. Snail mail is okay, too, but will dramatically increase the response time.

Current Needs:

“I’m looking for people interested in digging into how technologies are negatively impacting society. The most exciting stuff will be things that haven’t yet been written about, or things where we will bring a new perspective to an existing topic. The best work is a mix of research, interviews, and analysis or opinion. An obvious example of what we might write about is how smart phones have negatively impacted social interactions. A less obvious example is how the obsession with prediction, facilitated by technological advances like big data, actually harm us by removing us from present experience and substituting algorithms for judgment. Or, how making things easier—the aim of most technologies—often seems to make people more impatient and demanding rather than improving their lives. People with expertise in certain fields are particularly encouraged to inquire, for example teachers writing about education, parents writing about family issues, scientists writing about genetic manipulation, etc.”

Pays flat fee starting at $75/article on a gradually increasing scale over time. Most articles are currently 1100-1400 words.


“900 x 500 pixels. Payment negotiable.”


“The main thing for writers interested in writing for The Technoskeptic (aside from having decent writing skills) is that you really must be personally invested in the topic. This isn’t a content mill, it’s mission-driven work. Not all the writers have to share the exact same feeling about all technologies, but there has to be an intrinsic worry/doubt/skepticism about what recent technologies (or even one specific technology) are adding to the human experience. If you share that concern, then please join our community!”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

2 Responses to "The Technoskeptic"

  1. Peter garland  September 1, 2016 at 1:41 am

    I have a couple of things to sell, both are satiric fictions about technology. One is “Adam and the Cell Phone”; t’other is a story of ancient Greeks, Ulysses and his men, landing on an island and finding a young lady with a three-word vocabulary (including “Awesome” and “No problem”) and a cell phone. Would you be interested in seeing them?

    • brian  September 1, 2016 at 1:18 pm

      There should be link to Technoskeptic’s website on this post. Use that to contact the publication directly. We at WritersWeekly do not review material for the publications that advertise here.