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The Iowa Review

The Iowa Review
308 English-Philosophy Building
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Editor: Lynne Nugent, Editor; Katie Berta, Managing Editor; Noor Qasim and Natalia Zdaniuk, Fiction Editors; Jen Frantz, Poetry Editor; Aaron Pang, Nonfiction Editor.
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About The Publication:

“The Iowa Review’s mission is to provide an expertly curated, carefully edited, and beautifully designed print and online space for the voices of writers of every kind of diversity to move and enlighten us; to use the experience gained from fifty-plus years of continuous publication and our connection to the University of Iowa as a home for creative writing to validate, amplify, and encourage those voices; and to serve the reading public by presenting the best contemporary writing in short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.” Welcomes new writers. Triannual. Pays on publication. Publishes ms within a year of acceptance. Buys First N.A. rights. No reprints. Responds in 3-6 months. Guidelines online.

$1.50 per line for poetry and $0.08 per word for prose.

Current Needs:

“We welcome submissions from fiction and poetry writers from August 1 to October 1 and nonfiction writers from August 1 to November 1. Our contest is open to all genres during January.” Pays $1.50/line for poetry of up to 8 pages, $100 minimum; and $0.08/word for prose of up to 25 pages, $100 minimum. Submit complete manuscript by email.

$1.50 per line for poetry ($40 minimum) and $0.08 per word for prose ($100 minimum).




Welcomes New Writers: Yes