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MIRI is an AI research organization that performs original mathematical research to ensure the development of artificial intelligence has positive effects for humanity.

We pay by the step, a discrete, well-defined unit that consists of one round of interaction between the DM and the player, along with the DM’s accompanying Thoughts for that round. One step is roughly between 250-450 words, the majority being the DM’s Thoughts.

We’re offering 100 USD for reading the guidelines carefully and submitting 6–8 steps along with a short (less than 1 page) description of how the rest of the story/run might play out. Applicants whose submissions meet our quality bar will be asked to write a follow-up batch of 5 more steps. If those meet our standards, they will be accepted to write long-term for the project, at a rate of 10 USD per step, paid either monthly or every 100 steps.

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Welcomes New Writers. Pays on Acceptace. Publication purchases all rights. No Reprints. Guidelines online.

PAYS $100

Current Needs:

MIRI is an AI research organization recruiting authors for its Visible Thoughts Project, which aims to create a large language model AI whose inner thoughts can be more easily read by humans. To achieve this, the VTP requires authors to create an extensive, custom-built dataset of fiction writing according to unique specifications.
To elaborate: the fiction is in the form of annotated dungeon crawls. A dungeon crawl is a story told as if it were an interaction between two roles: a player in a role-playing game, and a dungeon master (DM) for that game. The DM invents the setting, orchestrates the plot, and puts challenges in front of the player, who in turn controls a player character, telling the DM how their character reacts according to events the DM has described.
The focus of the project, however, is not so much the story itself, but how it is created. We want to see DM’s thoughts- the reasoning that goes into various choices about what challenges to offer, how to interpret the player’s inputs and incorporate them into the story, and what should happen next- the Project’s eponymous Visible Thoughts.
The story itself has few restrictions on genre, setting, or tone, nor does it have to be written by two separate people- the important part is writing out the process of how the story is created.

Authors should submit their initial steps in our purpose-built webapp, found at

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Welcomes New Writers: Yes