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Leading Edge
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Provo UT 84602

Website: https://www.leadingedgemagazine.com
Guidelines: https://www.leadingedgemagazine.com/submit-now/submissions-guidelines

Editor: Phoebe English, Editor in Chief; Holly Gerber, Managing Editor; Erin Thorley, Managing Editor.
Email address: editor@leadingedgemagazine.com

About The Publication:

“Leading Edge magazine publishes short stories, poetry, and essays that relate to science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We also contract for short-term blogs and art. The magazine was started in 1981 by a team of students from Brigham Young University and continues to be run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Leading Edge is a great place for both first-time and well-established authors.” Biannual. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 4-5 months after acceptance. Buys First N.A. rights, for six months. No reprints. Responds within one week.

Pays $10-$50.

Current Needs:

“We are in need of essays and editorials on science fiction/fantasy/horror books, movies, etc. We are also looking for artists, who can send their portfolios to art@leadingedgemagazine.com, and poetry. We also accept fiction submissions year-round, though our need for fiction is not as urgent.” Pays $0.01/word, $10 minimum and $50 maximum for 1K-15K words. “Manuscripts submitted over email are highly preferred. Submissions by USPS are much more difficult to work with and are not as likely to make it to publication. More specific details can be found on the website.”

Pays $0.01/word, $10 minimum and $50 maximum for 1K-15K words.


“We contract artists to make the art for all of our publications. No art is required for submissions. Artists can submit portfolios to art@leadingedgemagazine.com.”


“Make sure your submission fits within the science fiction/fantasy/horror categories. Anything that is not related to science fiction, fantasy, or horror will be automatically rejected. Please wait a minimum of six months after submitting your manuscript before sending a query, though waiting one year is preferred. We get a lot of fiction submissions, and we make notes for the author on each manuscript, so it can take a while to review and assess every submission.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes