Editor: Paul Jarvey, Editor in Chief
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“AE is Canadian Science Fiction. We publish weekly short fiction that explores worlds that could be, paying authors fair rates and promoting under-represented voices. AE is volunteer-run by authors and fans who believe that a vibrant, professional market for Canadian science fiction is something worth doing.” Circ. 6K. Quarterly. Pays authors within 60 days. Publishes ms 30 days after acceptance. Buys first serial, electronic N.A and non-exclusive rights. No reprints. Responds within 60 days.

Pays $0.10 CND/word, fiction only

Current Needs:

“Open calls for submission are posted our website. AE welcomes volunteer readers at any time.” Pays $0.10 CND/word, fiction only. 3K words max. for regular issues, 200 words max. for AE Micro. Submit complete ms per the guidelines.

Pays $0.10 CND/word, fiction only



Welcomes New Writers: Yes