We Evacuated…and De-Evacuated

Since our house is only a few feet above sea level, and since Isaac was forecast to give us a 5-7 foot storm surge, late last week we packed up our important stuff, moved a bunch of it to storage, put the most important things in the RV, and returned home to elevate some of our furniture. We also unplugged electronics, and moved some boxes up to counters. We canceled our reservations at a campground in Georgia, which was Evacuation Plan A (Georgia was supposed to get it worse than the Bradenton, Florida area) and made a reservation at a campground in Kissimmee, Florida (Evacuation Plan B), just outside of Orlando.

Finally, on Friday, we took the truck, the kids, and the pets (4 cats, 1 dog and 1 bearded dragon), and drove to where the RV is stored so we could hit the road. After turning on the generator and the air conditioner (it was stifling in the RV), we moved the pets in and secured everything for the ride. Richard was doing his final check where he walks around the RV, looking underneath, making sure the compartments are all locked, etc., when he noticed bright green goo leaking from the radiator. Ug!! There was no way we could get that fixed before the storm. So, we moved everything from the RV back to the truck, and drove back home to figure out Evacuation Plan C. Richard found a large hotel room in Kissimmee with enough room for all of us, including Frank, Ali and Justin.

Richard and I left with Max, Mason and Percy (the dog) that night and Ali, Justin, and Frank left the next morning with all our cats and with Justin and Ali’s cat and dog. We left Cool, the lizard, high and dry on the kitchen counter. Twenty-four hours later, sitting in the hotel room, we were suffering from W.C.B. (Weather channel Burnout) but that was okay because, when the first squall hit from Isaac, we lost our satellite signal anyway. It came back on shortly thereafter but we spent the rest of the weekend trying to get caught up on our work.

On Tuesday morning, we returned to Bradenton. The only damage we had was a TON of palm fronds, leaves and sticks in our pool. We’re very blessed and we’re praying for those in Louisiana and other states who are going to get it far worse than we did. 🙁

This week’s Masonism:

“I think God made floods so he can go swimming.”

Big hugs to all,

P.S. I want to “follow” you!




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