Funny Photos from Our Beach Vacation! No, REALLY!

Funny Photos from Our Beach Vacation! No, REALLY!

Our beach vacation is coming to a close this week (big sigh…). We’ve had scorching hot days and, most recently, a flooding tropical system. The past two days have brought tons of rain, high winds, choppy waves, and an ocean rainbow!

When we weren’t sunning ourselves, or looking for waterspouts in the storm, we watched a valet at a nearby hotel pick a fight with our Uber driver (yes, really), we listened to drunk people singing very loudly (and very badly) at the Tiki bar downstairs, and we caught Mason (age 10) flirting with several girls around his age on the beach (another big sigh…).

Since “vacation” to me means “a week off from writing” (like that EVER happens – ha ha), this week, I’m sharing our vacation slideshow with you. (Stop groaning!!!)


I had to work one afternoon so Richard took the boys to the beach. After I took this picture from our balcony, I realized it looked like they were lost in the desert.

The first few days of vacation were beautiful and sunny – and HOT!

Max buried his little brother.

The nice thing about homeschooling is that your kiddos don’t have any idea what’s cool and what’s not. Mason is an EXCELLENT swimmer but riptides terrify me. I bought him some floaties and, even at age 10, he didn’t care. He just wanted to boogie board! Turns out the waves were so small that he never went more than knee-deep in the water anyway. But, he still had a great time!

Look! A heart in the clouds!

Saw this toothy monster in an aquarium at a restaurant. So, naturally, I ordered the chicken…

Taking a break from the heat, Richard took the boys to an arcade. But, I think he had the most fun!

A tropical system blew in yesterday. We’re supposed to get three days of high surf, heavy winds, and flooding rains, which I LOVE! Last night, we were wondering if these cabanas and chairs were anchored into the sand. This morning, our question was answered. Several cabanas disappeared in the storm and it looks like some chairs floated away as well. I called the office to let them know that their furniture was escaping but another squall hit before they could send employees out to save them. As of right now, the tide is coming in and more chairs are disappearing. I have to admit I’m enjoying watching the show from the sixth floor!

Just before another squall hit this morning, we were treated to a beautiful ocean rainbow!

And, it wouldn’t be an American vacation without a cheesy, staged photo!

Hugs to all!


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