Playing Outside in Short Sleeves!

Thanks so everybody who sent me empty-nest-syndrome support notes last week! They really did help. Ali’s leaning toward attending the nearby school for two years so I am quietly breathing a sigh of relief. But, she hasn’t signed the papers yet so I’m still a bit nervous.

We were planning to get out of town for a few days this week. I found a really cool place in northern New Hampshire that was gorgeous. They had nearby skiing and even dog sledding! I know Max and Mason would enjoy that. However, it was a bit nicer than even I realized. Richard did the math and our short trip (a long weekend) would have cost over $1,000. So, now we’re looking elsewhere. Gosh, and it took me HOURS to find just the right place online!!! I guess we could wait until Spring Break…but that’s next month and I’m not sure I can wait that long.

I took the boys outside on Sunday afternoon, despite the slushy snow on the ground…and the inevitable mud. It was 50 degrees and the boys were frolicking in the snow in short sleeves. That was weird.

I have a Masonism quiz for you this week.

What do you think Mason means when he says the following four phrases? (Answer appear below my signature.)

1. Heeyar!

2. Mo Hoes (Yeah, he gets plenty of laughs from this one!)

3. Hellhopper

4. Watch Ahmus Tain! (This one’s easy if you’re the parent of a young child.)


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Answers for the Masonism quiz:

1. Here we are! (He yells this whenever we arrive anywhere in the truck.)

2. Marshmallows (Tiny marshmallows are a special treat that he loves.)

3. Helicopter (We live near the hospital and the Life Flight helicopter frequently flies over our house).

4. Watch Thomas the Train! (His favorite TV show)