Our New Doctor Doesn’t Force Vaccines! Yea!

I won’t go into details but one of our children has health issues that are related to their last set of vaccinations many moons ago. We have since stopped vaccinating because we can’t, in good conscience, play Russian Roulette with our child’s health when doing so may make their health much worse than it is. Everyone knows you can’t “remove” or “fix” a vaccine once it’s in the body. Once the child has a negative reaction, the damage has been done.

Last month, we visited a new pediatrician in Bradenton and he flat refused to treat our children, saying he could “get sued” for not vaccinating our children, which is rubbish. To add insult to injury he followed up by sending us a certified letter that was quite insulting – and clearly written by his attorney. We later found out that pediatricians earn bonuses from some insurance companies each year if they can prove their clients are fully vaccinated. Since physicians profit from vaccines (both getting paid by the patient and then by the insurance company at the end of the year), I honestly don’t know how a physician can legally deny care to someone who can’t be vaccinated for medical or even religious reasons.

So, we had to hunt for another doctor. We found one in Tampa that works with children who have Autism or other vaccine injuries but they’re an hour and a half away.

On a whim, I contacted a family practice here in town (not a pediatrician) and made an appointment for six of us to go in. I thought maybe if they realized we were bringing them a ton of business (for years to come!) they wouldn’t force the vaccine issue.

The doctor and I had a long talk and she agreed that more vaccines would definitely not be a good idea for our child. Since we homeschool, we are at far lower risk than the general population. She even admitted she does not get a flu shot each year. She said if you’re healthy, well-nourished, and well-rested, your body is perfectly capable of fighting off the flu and most other illnesses.

I was SO relieved!!

The somewhat stressful news is they are sending Mason for an echocardiogram. He’s has a heart murmur since birth. He had two echocardiograms when he was 12 and 13 days old that showed no problems with his heart at all other than the murmur, which they said was the common childhood one. They said he’d grow out of it but, at age six, he still hasn’t. They want to make sure everything’s still okay today. I figure if there really was something wrong, they’d have found the problem when he was a I’m not TOO worried – just a little bit. 🙁

This week’s Masonism:

Mason (age 6), who is reading at a third grade level, asked, “Mom, does psych has a silent p?” 🙂

Big hugs to all,

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