Our Neighbor’s Dog Caught Randy the Rooster!

Our Neighbor’s Dog Caught Randy the Rooster!

A few weeks ago, with the blessing of all of our neighbors, we started letting our rooster and chickens free-range. I don’t know how they know where our property line is but they ALWAYS stay inside it. Until this past Wednesday…

I was sitting on the back porch, taking a late afternoon eyeball break, when I heard the commotion. I stood up, and turned my head to the left. Our neighbor’s dog, Archer, had Randy the Rooster in his mouth, and was violently shaking him back and forth. I screamed Archer’s name, and ran down the porch stairs barefoot.

Our neighbors heard the commotion as well. By the time I got down there, Brad had gotten Randy out of Archer’s mouth, and put a leash on the dog. Melissa was trying to corral Randy back out of their fenced yard.

The gates had not been open. Hmmm… Why Randy thought it was a good idea to fly over the fence and INTO the yard with that dog is beyond me. I opened one gate and Melissa opened the other one. Randy continued to strut back and forth, giving Archer a very nasty glare. Working together, we were able to get Randy out of their fenced yard.

I apologized profusely and they said it was fine. Randy was okay, for the most part, and it was an interesting few moments! I hope Randy learned his lesson.

Brad said, “Poor Archer just wanted some chicken nuggets.”

Randy strutted back to our coop with his harem. He was missing some feathers and he had a little bit of blood on his head but he was otherwise just fine. He’s a tough bird!

And, I gotta hand to Archer! The last time we tried to catch Randy, we were completely unsuccessful and I ended up with huge claw marks all over my right arm. That bird was uncatchable…until he met Archer!



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