Only Three Weeks Until Ali Arrives!

We moved from Maine to Florida in July and we haven’t seen Ali since we left. That’s been very hard on all of us, especially me, her mommy. She stayed behind to finish out the season as a pastry chef in Bar Harbor. Now that the Fall leaves are blowing and the heaters turned on, the season is winding down and Ali, along with her boyfriend, Mikey, are preparing to move down here as well. We are all soooo excited!

Ali and Mikey will briefly live in our RV while they secure jobs and a house to rent. We invited them to stay with us but Ali is very independent and wants to take care of herself. And, she does a great job at it!

Last weekend, we braved that unnamed tropical system that hit Florida, and went to a local craft fair as well as La Florida Festival, which was very educational for Max and Mason as they learned about the history of native Americans in Florida. We’ve been studying explorers and settlers in their homeschooling lessons and our Pilgrim chapter has led us to studying the Salem Witch Trials and their effect on the future criminal justice system in America (innocent until proven guilty). Mason (age 5) doesn’t quite understand the underlying, moral lessons but Max does and he is very vocal about injustices in history. He gets pretty riled up and it’s wonderful to watch him growing into such an empathetic and caring young man.

This week’s Masonism:

“Corn is so good. It tastes like hot water!”

Hugs to all,


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