In Portland for M’s Surgery

I’m writing this on Tuesday afternoon. M’s surgery is tomorrow. If all goes well, he should be released sometime later that afternoon. We’re going to head back to Bangor immediately while he’s still a bit woozy from the anesthesia. You see, at this time of year in Maine, the results of the frost heave are quite evident. There are huge cracks and potholes everywhere, making for a very bumpy ride.

When we lived in Texas, we didn’t have frost heave and I thought the term referred to men up north who drank too much on cold nights.

Anyway, if we get a hotel room after the surgery, not only would M have to navigate his walker on sidewalks and in the hotel lobby and hallways, but he would also feel the bumps in the road far more the following day. Ali is driving in tonight from Bangor after she finishes her last class. Richard will stay in the hotel room tomorrow with Max and Mason while Ali and I sit nervously in the surgical waiting room at the hospital. M is, understandably, very nervous. He’s never had surgery before. I told him it’ll be a breeze. The doctors and nurses have to do all the work, the family has to wait and worry for hours, and he just gets to sleep. 😉

This Week’s Masonism:

“Mom, I’m almost five. I need a job.”

Hugs to all



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