TODAY, Saturday, January 22nd, 2022, is the Winter, 2022 24-Hour Short Story Contest!

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I Miss Fall…

We moved to Florida and we LOVE it here. Problem is…fall is my favorite season and we’re pretty sure leaves on palm and coconut trees don’t turn red, yellow and orange. I read online that the mountains in Tennessee have beautiful fall foliage in October so we’re planning a road trip there next month. If you know of any good fall foliage drives in Tennessee, please let me know. We’d also love to attend a fall festival or two while we’re there.

It’s a pretty quiet week here, which we like. The only exciting thing that happened was when our brand new air conditioner conked out. Thank goodness Richard bought that window unit the last time it happened. We pulled out our inflatable mattresses and we all camped out in the master bedroom. That was fun!

It’s still getting up to 92 here almost every day so the boys are getting plenty of play time in the pool and they are very happy about that.

I have a Maxism for you this week.

During homeschooling, we were learning about the Holocaust, which upset Max (age 10) very much. After one discussion, he said, “If I lived in the 1940s, I would give the Jewish people 2 pizzas every night!”

Hugs to all,


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