I Like Grass (in my yard!)

It seems all we’ve done since we moved into our new (circa. 1969 – so it’s new to US) home in Florida is spend money on repairs. Now that the leaky part of the roof is fixed and the plumbing no longer backs up, we’re getting some work done on the outside. The yard is the one thing I really, REALLY do not like about this house. It’s one of those “maintenance free” Florida rock/stone yards…and that name is a big fat lie. Weeds still grow in abundance through the rocks. The plastic under the stones is probably a decade or two old and is ripped, and pulling the beefy weeds from between layers of hot rocks is very difficult.

I swear the rock yard makes the house hotter. It’s like having a parking lot for a lawn. So, we’re going to bite the bullet and pay someone to come in with a small backhoe and get rid of the mess. We’ll start fresh with sod. Richard has already cleaned up all the beds and put red mulch in them. We’re going to turn the entire side yard into a garden, which I’ll be able to access through the side garage door. I am very excited about that. If we have any money left over, Richard wants to build a covered deck out back. If he really loved me, he’d add a jacuzzi! Heh…

The landscaper offered to spray Roundup all over to kill everything before we start fresh but we don’t want any chemicals in the yard, especially ones made by Monsanto, which we detest.

Our oldest, Zach, was here last weekend and he babysat the little ones while we took a romantic overnight trip to Tampa. We had SO much fun!! We even went to a comedy club and that was a rare treat. I don’t think I’ve been to a “club” since I was in my 20’s. The featured comic was Felipe Esparza. He was funny but the guy who opened for him was HILARIOUS! His name was Rod Paulette.

Since I took the entire weekend off, I’ve spent the last two days trying desperately to get caught up.

This week’s Masonism:

Max and Mason frequently use BrainPop, an animated educational website for kids that we highly recommend. The other day, Mason was watching a video about Greek Mythology when he suddenly yelled, “Mom! There’s more than one god!!!”

Big hugs to all,

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