House Shopping!

When we moved to Florida, we decided to rent until we figured out where in Florida we want to live. We love Port Charlotte but we really have our heart set on the Sarasota/Bradenton area. So, we are now actively house hunting, which is so much fun! We considered renting up there instead of buying, but I really want to have a house that we can truly make our own with renovations and, most importantly, a large garden where we can grow lush, tropical goodies, like mangos and oranges!

It would be wonderful to have a backyard where we could perform DIY projects as a family. I can read this miter saw reviews and buy one to avoid the unnecessary costs of hiring carpenters as well. I also always had a dream of a patio where I can hold barbecue parties and invite the neighbors for a fun weekend.

All the kids have been helping search for just the right house online. My number one requirement is the house must be on a moving body of water, whether it be a bay, a river, or even just a stream. This may sound weird but I feel more “connected” to the world if I’m living near moving (not stagnant) water…not so isolated.

Max (age 10), Mason (age 5) and Frank (age 19), who is in college full-time and who will be living with us for at least the next 3 1/2 years, now say they can’t live without a pool. Hmm… Richard wants to live within walking distance of a bagel shop. Not sure we can swing that.

Zach, who lives on his own, just wants us to be near Sarasota, where he wants to live. And, of course, Ali wants us near Anna Maria Island, where she now lives.

I have an accident update. In case you missed it, Ali and her boyfriend were in a very bad head-on collision last Valentine’s Day. They are both still dealing with their injuries, but are doing better. Last week, they gave up trying to negotiate with the “other guy’s” insurance company after all this time, and have had to resort to hiring attorneys. We suggested they do that long ago but they thought the insurance company would treat them fairly. Once they realized the insurance company’s main goal was to rip them off, they decided we were right.

I have a Maxism for you this week:
Max (age 10) asked me for a notebook the other day, saying, “Mason and I are playing therapy.”

Handing him a notebook from the homeschool table, I asked, “Therapy??”

He responded, “Yep. I’m asking Mason a bunch of silly questions.”

Big hugs to all,


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