Hmmm…What’s Broken Now?

The house we just bought was built in 1969. I love old homes because they have so much character but, when an old house needs some upgrades, that can get pretty expensive. While the house was inspected and appraised well, we were surprised to discover, on moving in, that the two bathroom sinks get no hot water. I’m sure the hot water is right there…and that it’s the 40-year-old fixtures that are at fault. Also, several electrical sockets in the house are not working. So, we called the electrician and, holy cow, is it going to be expensive to upgrade the electrical service in this house. But, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing the electrical outlets and decades-old wiring could spark at any moment.

I think the old owner fancied himself an amateur electrician. We keep finding wires everywhere but we have no idea where most of them go. There are indoor (not outdoor) extension cords running all over the yard and around the house. We’re going to have the electrician get rid of them all so we can start fresh.

There is a light in the pool but none of us can figure out where the on/off switch is. There’s also a pretty light out by the water but, again, no switch anywhere. The boat lift works just fine…but we don’t have a boat. I hung my chimes from it instead. Since we’re only a few minutes from the beach, we get a really nice breeze so my chimes sing all day long, and all night. The neighbors haven’t complained…yet.

Speaking of neighbors, LOTS of them have come by to say hello. We feel so welcome!! The other day, Richard was pulling the Moped off the truck and a neighbor came over and offered his ramp to use. Then, another neighbor came over and they were all able to get it down just fine. Pretty funny since Frank and I both got the Moped INTO the truck all by ourselves with no ramp. Ha ha. I’ll be teasing Richard about that for a few weeks.

It’s great to live in a neighborhood where people like to come out and say hello. Our new next door neighbors came out and literally chatted with us over the backyard fence one evening last week. That was so nice!

The best part of our weekend, however, was a visit from our old friends from Bangor, Dave and Ada, and their son, Michael. Their oldest son attends a local college and he’s graduating so they’re in town for that. We had a cookout and the boys all played with squirt guns in the pool. We all had a great time and it sure made me homesick for all our old Bangor friends. 🙁 Hmmm… Maybe we can convince them all to move South! 😉

This week’s Masonism:

“Fish are all slimy and slippery but they’re still good when they’re fish and chips.”

Big hugs to all,

P.S. I want to “follow” you!




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