Hack, Cough, and FLOWERS!

It’s definitely the flu season here. My neighbor said a local retirement home was discouraging visitors last week because so many of their residents were ill. Richard caught something last week, and then Mason got it, and then Max, and now me. I was sick two months ago and I coughed for so long (6 weeks) that they sent me for a chest xray, and put me on an inhaler. I tell ya, 10 days on that inhaler did the trick! However, I finished the inhaler just a week ago and now I’m sick again. Oh joy.

The good news is the snow has all melted from the yard and it’s actually dry enough for the kids to go outside. If the warm weather holds up, we just might have an Easter that doesn’t involve digging in the snow for your eggs! We even have tiny blue flowers growing by the back door! We are all soooooo excited!!


Our daughter is recovering nicely right now from the accident. She’s in a wrist brace, and is doing her exercises. Her boyfriend, however, is not doing well at all. He had to see a specialist in Portland this week, and learned he must have surgery next week. If the first orthopedist (the one who screwed up our daughter’s care, too) had sent him to a specialist the first week (he only later admitted he had no foot experience!), he’d have likely already recovered from that. Since it’s been so long, now he will have to stay off his foot for 12 weeks after the surgery (no weight bearing) so he’s going to have to turn down the great summer job he was just offered. To say he and we are devastated is an understatement. However, I keep reminding him that he is ALIVE!

If any of you want to send him good wishes and encouragement, please email them to me and I’ll forward them to him. I’ve forwarded him a few emails from some of you and they really brightened his days. He is really, really depressed right now. He doesn’t like to sit still and the accident and a few other things have been put in his path over the past few weeks and he’s understandably just not himself lately. 🙁

This Week’s Masonism:

One of my favorite places in our house is our front entry way. It has a beautiful, old-fashioned stair case, with the banister stained very dark and glossy. It also has hardwood floors, some antiques, and an old-fashioned rug runner on the stairs.

One day last week, Mason was standing in the living room, trying to explain something to us. He kept pointing toward the front entry but we quickly figured out he didn’t know what it was called. Just as I was about the help him out, he said, “You know, Mom! The upstairs downstairs room!!”

Hugs to all



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