Deafening Broadway Show Tunes After 11:00 p.m.?!

Deafening Broadway Show Tunes After 11:00 p.m.?!

It’s been pretty quiet at the floating home office ever since the annual Grand Prix left town. However, all of our seaside solitude came to a screaming halt this week when American Stage came to town.

Each year, in the marina park, trucks show up with mounds of equipment. Seemingly out of nowhere, an entire Broadway-type stage is erected, along with tables, chairs, tents, and more. And, each year, it’s a different performance but the headaches for marina residents remain the same.

Marina parking is a bit limited on quiet days. But, when the play comes to town, it can get packed. And, while people watching the play aren’t supposed to park in designated marina parking spaces, many do, taking the risk of getting a $15 parking ticket. We have special placards to put in our cars so we can bypass the police who are blocking off the entrance. I have no idea how those other cars are getting into the marina…but they are!

And, while I’m all for culture and clean-cut entertainment, trying to sleep when there is VERY LOUD music and singing blasted through microphones is difficult, to say the least. And, it lasts for three weeks.

This year, they’re performing The Producers. Each night, we hear the same song we heard the night before, and the night before that, and the night before hat. I swear…if I have to listen to Springtime for Hitler one more time, I going to lose it!


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