A month ago, I wrote that we were considering becoming snowbirds, traveling to Florida in the winter. We are now seriously considering relocating to Florida and then RVing to the Northeast during the hot summer months. Why? Maine is absolutely gorgeous and we love it here. Unfortunately, the income taxes are ridiculous. Add in Maine’s death tax (which can destroy a small family business), and the fact that Frank is graduating from high school next month, and it sure seems all signs are telling us to become backwards snowbirds. Even if we do that, we won’t return back to Maine during the summer months because that would once again force us to pay Maine income taxes. New Hampshire is gorgeous, too, and they don’t have a state income tax.

I have no interest in spending the hot summer months in Florida so we’re definitely going to keep the RV! The kids are excited about the possibility of being able to play outside during all months of the year, and not being homebound for several weeks at a time when the temperatures drop below zero. I am very sad about this because, like I said, I LOVE Maine. Our town is beautiful, peaceful, and has, until recently, been somewhat safe. I admit we have a very bad taste in our mouth about the local government since they refused to create residency restrictions preventing convicted child molesters from living near parks and schools here. They’ve also allowed a slots “casino” to open since we moved here and the crime has increased significantly. And, they now want to expand the casino, which is already sucking money out of the community. Gambling addictions can lead to petty thefts and we now must lock our doors where we once did not. There seems to be an increase in drugs coming into town as well.

While it used to be a good tradeoff to pay more in taxes to live in a safe place, we no longer feel very safe living here. We never let our children go outside by themselves, even though we have a fenced yard, and we must now lock our house and vehicle doors every night. It’s surprising that the community has gone downhill so much just since we moved here in 2000 but the city government has allowed it to happen. Still, I am very sad about our decision.

If any of you have any recommendations about safe, waterfront communities in Florida, please let me know! We LOVE the Keys but not everybody is agreeing on that. Zach wants more golf courses and Ali wants more restaurants. Frank just wants some open water and a fishing pole and I have to agree with him! 😉

This Week’s Masonism:

“I only like to eat dead fish. I don’t like the live ones.”

Hugs to all



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