A Mysterious Stuffed Animal Purchase?!

I received an email the other day that I suspected was an error. It was an invoice for a purchase made on my eBay account. I logged into my account and discovered it was not an error after all. Our youngest son, Mason (age 4), LOVES Shrek and the invoice was for a 27-inch stuffed Shrek doll. Mason mastered the iPad months ago but I couldn’t figure out how he could have possibly clicked all the buttons required to buy something on Ebay…especially since he can’t read very well yet.

Mason walked through the living room a few minutes later and I said, “Mason, did you buy a Shrek doll on Ebay?”

He nonchalantly responded, “Yep.”

‘No way!’ I thought. Perhaps he was confused by my question. Maybe Max (age 9) had ordered it instead? I went upstairs and quizzed Zach and then the rest of the kids as well, yet nobody fessed up. I went back to my laptop and paid for the doll. I had to because it was ordered on my account ($16 plus shipping!).

A few days later, it arrived and it was indeed quite a large, stuffed Shrek doll. I opened the box with Mason standing nearby and he held out his arms and yelled, “My Shrek is here!!!” Yep, he definitely ordered it…and we were all standing there with our mouths open, once again trying to figure out how he managed to so.

Last night, the mystery was solved. Max walked into the playroom and caught Mason using the iPad to surf Ebay. He was using an Ebay application (app) that I didn’t even know I had on my iPad that enables you to buy things quickly, without multiple clicks through eBay and then Paypal (which would require someone with more than preschool reading knowledge to perform). Max quickly took the iPad away from Mason and I deleted the app. I was relieved the mystery had been solved.

However, Max didn’t act fast enough. This morning, there was a message in my emailbox reminding me to pay for my new purchase on Ebay. It looks like I’m now the proud new owner of a stuffed Sonic the Hedgehog doll. I consider myself very lucky. At least it wasn’t a Ferrari!

Hugs to all!



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