10 Days of Rain

My mom, who lives in Texas, sent me a picture of her pond last week. It’s almost gone, looking more like a large mud puddle than a sanctuary for sweaty farm animals. It’s certainly not something their horses or even the local deer will be able to drink from much longer.

In Maine, we have quite the opposite problem. Farmers are worried their crops will be ruined by all the rain we’ve been having. Whenever the sun does manage to peek out, we rush the children outside for some much-needed fresh air and Vitamin D, knowing they’ll be stuck inside for days on end once another band of clouds approaches. The current forecast is another 10 days of rain…and the forecast only goes out that far so there could be more.

We haven’t bothered to plant any of our Spring seeds yet. They’d have only rotted anyway. We did hire a landscaper to come by and get our berry bushes under control. I’m not a great pruner and our blackberry bushes are so out of control they could ensnare a small child. The boys know to stay far away from that corner of the yard. I missed out on pruning the grape vines in March. We had so much snow that I completely forgot about them. Those vines are all over the place, too, and the raspberry bushes are wild and dangerous as well. The blueberry bushes look great, as always (they are really low-maintenance) and my horseradish plant peeked back through the dirty a couple of weeks ago.

It looks like Ali’s apple tree is going to have a bumper crop this year, judging from the number of blossoms, and, while most of the country has a shortage of bees, they are QUITE abundant in our yard! Each time Mason (age 4) sees one, he screams, “BEEEEEEEEE!!!” and takes off running in the other direction. Our resident groundhog is back. A couple of years ago, on the same day I planted all my seedlings that had been sprouting inside for weeks, he promptly ate most of them. He’s not a big fan of root vegetables so that’s what I concentrate on growing now.

We’re excited about being able to plant different things when we move to Florida, like avocados and mangos. Can’t wait to try my hand at those! And, I believe pumpkins will grow just about anywhere so we won’t have to give up our annual family pumpkin growing contest.

This Week’s Masonism:

Mason came and sat next to me the other day. After a moment, he leaned way over and put his face right in front of mine, nose-to-nose. He then put his fingers on his forehead, and started pushing his skin up and down and up and down. I laughed and said, “What are you doing?”

He replied, “I’m showing you my mad eyebrows.”

Hugs to all



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