10 Ways to Sell More Books When Your Marketing Budget is Zero – by Angela Booth

10 Ways to Sell More Books When Your Marketing Budget is Zero – by Angela Booth

Think you can’t afford to market your books because of the high cost of advertising? You can! And, you’ve got many low-cost and no-cost promotional options to choose from. Here’s the good news. Your zero-cost efforts will often out-perform paid marketing! Yes, it’s true!

Let’s look at some of them:

1. Improve your blurb: It’s a free ad for your book!

Your “blurb” is your book’s description — it’s free advertising for your book on the book retailer websites. Book not selling? Start by revising your blurb to entice readers.

Tip: Keep editing your blurb until your sales measurably increase.

2. Use your book’s backmatter for subtle promotion.

Your book’s backmatter, the last few pages of your book, contains opportunities to sell more. You can:

– Add a link to your website, along with the link to your mailing list’s subscriber page. (Note: Never be shy about asking your readers to send you a review of your book to publish!)
– Add cover images and short descriptions of your other books
– Add your contact info. and descriptions of other services you might offer if you are a freelancer
– Write a friendly (short) letter to readers to inform them about upcoming books.

3. Cross-promote with other authors in your genre.

Network with other authors in your genre or category, and then suggest cross-promotions. Pair up with another author to promote the author’s latest book to your email list and social media accounts while he or she does the same for you.

Your authors’ group can also publish free holiday-themed collections of stories as a group-wide promotion! The collection can include links to each author’s book.

4. Send press releases to your local media.

You’re an author – a local celebrity! Local media are hungry for local news so send a one-page snail-mail press release to your local newspapers, as well as to TV and radio stations.

5. Investigate the dozens of free book promotion websites.

Enter “free book promotion” into a search engine. You’ll discover hundreds of websites which will promote your book for free, or inexpensively. Many of the free promotion sites are booked up months in advance so get in touch early if you want to use a site in your next book launch.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT make your press release boring! READ THIS for help!

6. Immediately start creating your email subscriber list!

You don’t need an expensive website. You’ll find many companies offering free, professional-looking single-page websites. Set up a page to host your mailing list signup form. Then promote a link to the page in your books’ backmatter. For advice on regularly contacting your readers without being considered a spammer, CLICK HERE.

7. Bigger together: Collaborate with other authors to publish more books.

Many indie authors form collaborations because Amazon’s algorithms reward frequent publication. So, in addition to cross-promoting with other authors, consider collaborations so that you can publish more frequently. Finding an author who writes in your genre and whose style complements yours can be a challenge but the benefits are huge. Also, co-authoring means more hands in the marketing pot! Be sure to include ads for each author’s other books in the backmatter.

8. Ensure the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon leaves readers wanting more.

Amazon’s Look Inside function lets readers read around 10% of your content. Make the most of this. Think of it as advertising space. If your novel’s initial scenes are slow builds with little excitement, restructure your first chapter to put exciting content at the beginning. Hook that reader! You could even excerpt a page or two from later in your book. Add it to the front matter labelled an “excerpt.” It’s also a good idea to put reader reviews at the very front of your book, even before the title page.

9. Get visual: Find readers on Instagram and Pinterest.

Savvy indie authors use the #bookstagram hashtag on Instagram to promote their books. “Bookstagrammers” can have huge followings, and sell lots of books. Not a photographer with styling skills? you can download free, high-quality images from Pixabay.com.

Popular hashtags for authors on Pinterest include: #amreading, #BookLovers, #GoodReads, and #WhatToRead.

Avid readers hang out on Instagram and Pinterest so it’s worth using these sites.

10. Still having slow book sales? Considering updating your categories and keywords. 

Your categories and keywords might not be finding the right audience. Advice on how to determine that is RIGHT HERE.


Want to make writing easier? Veteran author and blogger Angela Booth currently offers three free templates for fiction and nonfiction. Download them HERE.

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