10 Legitimate Freelance Writing Markets That Pay $500+ Per Article – by William Opar

10 Legitimate Freelance Writing Markets That Pay $500+ Per Article – by William Opar

Did you know there are a ton of markets out there that actually pay freelance writers $500 or more per article? As a freelance writer, your success largely depends on your ability to find high-paying writing gigs…with little competition.

The tricky part is finding those markets, and knowing which ones are legitimate, and will pay writers well. That’s where WritersWeekly comes in handy!

In this article, we’ll show you 10 legit freelance writing markets that pay $500 or more per article so you can expand your clientele, and earn some good cash in the process!

  1. The Open Notebook

The Open Notebook is a non-profit organization publication covering environment and health. They accept pitches on story-behind-the-story interviews, reported features, and science journalism.

Read their submission guidelines for more information.

They pay $1000 for interviews (1500-2000 words) and $1350 for reported features (1500-2000 words).

  1. Eating Well

Do you love writing on food and nutrition but struggle to find well-paying markets for your art? Eating Well is a magazine that focuses on delicious foods and healthy eating. The editor welcomes pitches in different columns, including Healthy Cooking and Food Stories, Meals Plans and Special Diets, Food News and Trends.

Read their Submission Guidelines before sending your pitch.

Sources indicate they pay $1 per word.

  1. Vox

Vox is a publication seeking to empower its audience with information on modern life. They are accepting pitches on provocative, personal narratives ranging from Politics and Policy to Science and Health to Technology and Business and Finance.

For more information, read their submission guidelines.

Reports indicate they pay $500 per essay.

  1. Wired

If you have the expertise in writing about current and future trends in technology, then Wired is your prime publication. They are currently accepting pitches for their business coverage column.

Read their pitching guidelines and, if interested, send your pitch directly to the editor at tom_simonite@wired.com. You can also read their editor’s tweet here.

Their pitching guidelines indicate they pay $500 to $2000 per piece.

  1. Allure

Allure is a women’s magazine covering beauty and style in the context of self-expression and liberation.

They are accepting pitches on beauty tips, profiles, travel and wellness.

For more information, read their submission guidelines. If interested, send your pitch idea to their Editor (Alaina Demopoulos) at alaina_demopoulos@condenast.com

Their submission guidelines indicate they pay $350 for reported stories and $300 for personal essays.

  1. Brides

Brides is an online magazine focusing on wedding planning, advice and ideas. Their editor is looking for savvy writers with a bridal background to deliver valuable and practical content that actually helps people plan their weddings.

Read their writer’s guidelines before sending your pitch idea.

They pay $2 to $3 per word.

  1. Longreads

Longreads is an online nonfiction storytelling publication. They focus on essays, commentary, interviews, reading lists, and in-depth investigative reporting. They are looking for writers for long-form nonfiction essays of 1500+ words. They accept previously published and original stories for publication.

Their submission guidelines indicates that they pay $500 per accepted essay.

  1. Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking magazine seeks to inspire its audience with well-researched content covering woodwork from decent and durable furniture to decorative items. They welcome pitches from professional woodworkers, engineers, and artists from all backgrounds.

For more information, read their submission guidelines. If interested, send your pitch to Logan Wittmer at lwittmer@aimmedia.com.

They pay between $1,000-$3,000 per article based on the complexity of the article.

  1. Travel and Leisure Magazine

If you’re a travel writer looking to break into well-paying gigs in the travel niche, then Travel and Leisure Magazine is a good fit. They accept pitches for unique stories about a place that is misunderstood or changing and stories about seeing the world in a new way. The editors recommend you read the magazine to get a taste of what they need and to avoid pitching the topics already covered.

For more information, read their submission guidelines.

Reports indicate they pay $1 per word.

10 Smart Business Trends

Smart Business Trends is a blog covering emerging trends in online marketing, including email marketing, WordPress, and Amazon. They accept pitches for quality articles on well-researched tutorials, case studies, and product reviews that provide amazing value to their audience.

Read their submission guideline and use the contact form when sending your pitch.

They pay between $200 to $500 per piece.

William Opar is an expert Content Writer and Blogger who helps brands to grow their businesses and earn real money. He’s a freelance contributor to The Penny VoiceWritersWeeklyFreelancerKenyaMedium.com, and a savvy writer on Upwork. Feel free to contact him for high-quality freelance writing services. Get in touch via LinkedIn.



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