Your Rant About Authors Behaving Badly

In a word, it was great. But then, I have always thought, and always tell my writer friends, that you are the most sensible and honorable voice in the industry.

Best regards always,


I have a couple of thoughts on today’s WritersWeekly.

One: About self publishing and complaining about the errors. I have a co-worker whose husband self-published his book.

I read it but it was painful. There were many spelling errors and way too much of people glaring at each other. If I never read the word “just” again, I’ll be a happy man. To this day, he hasn’t asked me what I thought of his work. I hope he doesn’t. I’ll have to be honest. It will hurt him.

Two: I liked the person who is spinning her ( 24-Hour Short Story) contest entries into a book. I have sold five of my entries to a magazine. They made me the feature writer for that month. She might do very well with her idea.

Your contest brings the best out of us.

Mike Smith