When Companies Take Creative Rights from Employees

A lot of companies and service providers take rights from employees. There are so many positions I have turned down and devices that I do not use because I can pretty much lose everything, including things I might have written a long time ago.

A writer has a lot to lose when their properties and everything they own is within copyrights for their work. Every single library that allows photocopying is involved in copyright infringement and libraries contribute to reading things for free. Another aspect of free is internships and volunteering, which increase the sensibility of those that do not want to pay for anything. Paper mills use internships as a way not to have to pay for services rendered. Fans that work at say Tim Hortons (just an example) that buy a copy of someone’s book might say that they support and pay a writer’s salary when I, as a writer, used to pay $250 a month on coffee from that and other coffee places.

None of us pay for each other’s salaries as in the long run we are just consumers getting what we want or need from the market that is our world.

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