What Recession?! – Part II

Hi Ang,

I loved your two articles on What Recession?! I publish a little alternative spirituality newsletter. For years I’ve been telling our subscribers not to read “bad” news, and get themselves all down and depressed.

As you pointed out in today’s article, there’s plenty of good news out there. If more of us focus on the good, then more good will come to all of us. It’s really pretty simple, at least in my opinion. Focus on what you want. Now, if we can convince the rest of the world to do that . . .

2009 has so far been my best year yet. So I echo your words — “What recession?!”

Thanks so much for all you do for us freelancers out here. You’re truly an angel!


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It’s all about positive thinking, isn’t it? Law of Attraction. Have a positive attitude and positive things will happen.

In my town restaurants are slow, the parking lots are not full.

And yet an old favorite place of mine just reopened, generating a few waitress, chef, busboy and hostess jobs.

In my town, plant nurseries are really slow. I own one of those plant nurseries.

And yet today, Wednesday, I had two new people come in. They’d never been here before. The kicker is that one of them actually spent money. I never get customers on Wednesday! Small bit of success, but I’ll take it.

In my town cabinet shops are failing. My husband owns a cabinet shop.

And yet, today, I have two bids to submit for future work and two jobs that I have a contract on. (I get to pretend to be the secretary.) Not so long ago I was begging for work and borrowing money from my retired parents! Not fun.

Recession… yes, it’s there. But it’s looking up!

June K. Brown
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I’m in Australia but we also are being affected. I did lose a regular writing job with an American website late last year but, other than that, my writing career is thriving. I keep getting more and more assignments. I’m lucky in that I have several regular jobs but over and above that, am continually getting new work. Just today, I was offered a column with a national magazine.

Having been self-employed for 25 years, I know that there’s no need to ever worry. In fact, worry creates the very problem we’re trying to avoid.