Top 10 Mistakes New Authors Make When Contacting Libraries

I just finished reading your article on the mistakes authors make trying to get their books into libraries. I thought all of the points were spot on. I would like to add that many libraries are always interested in hearing from local authors. In fact, my hometown library has a special collection devoted to this very thing. They try to make an effort to purchase titles by local authors or, in some cases, the authors themselves donate copies. Either way, authors should try to reach out to their local library (if they haven’t already), or even libraries in their region or home state.

Another idea is to perhaps offer to do a book talk at the library. In this case, you may be able to sell your book on site (depending on the library policy) or the library may wish to purchase copies in order to support your presentation.

I think the opportunities are there for authors, especially since more and more authors are going the self-publishing route. The relationship does not necessarily have to be antagonistic on either end.

-a librarian


Top 10 Mistakes New Authors Make When Contacting Libraries

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