“There are Two Kinds of Self Publishing Companies…”

“There are Two Kinds of Self Publishing Companies…”

Dear Angela,

I want to drop you a quick note to sing the praises of BookLocker, and perhaps more importantly the people who make up your team. I first learned about your company by reading Dan Poynter’s Self Publishing Manual. A few months later, I was ready to publish Barnstorming – Live as a Pilot, Not a Passenger. With your help and support, the book is now being shared with the world, and the comments I get most often are about how great the book looks and feels. It makes a great impression and presents the content with credibility and professionalism.

In my research about self publishing, it became clear there are two kinds of “self publishing companies.” One kind makes their money off of authors and would print a stack of debit card receipts if they were being paid to do so. The other kind has a business plan based on selling books, and that means working with authors to create the best possible product. BookLocker is definitely the latter, and you have exceeded my expectations. Considering my lack of experience when I started this project, you have helped me to become comfortable and confident quickly.

I am currently working with a bookstore to schedule my first signing. I’ll let you know how it goes, and you can be sure that anyone who wants to talk about the process will be hearing about my great experience with you. Thank you.

Scott Westover, Author
Barnstorming – Live as a Pilot, Not a Passenger