Hi Angela,

I’ve been a WritersWeekly subscriber for a few years now and we have corresponded.

As I sit on the brink of self publishing my first book, I have to take a moment to reach out to you today to say thank you and here’s why. I’ve watched and listened. I’ve seen how cut throat this industry can be. I’ve seen people who offer help at exorbitant prices and then don’t deliver. I’ve seen people who prefer to watch others struggle than to offer advice or give direction. I guess it’s the nature of business…

And then there is you. We don’t know one another personally, but I can tell from WritersWeekly and Booklocker and your responses to my random panicked emails that you genuinely care about helping the writer succeed. That is so rare. In fact, you are one of two people I have come across in the publishing industry with this kind of heart [the other is my favorite author, Marita Golden]. Heading in to Thanksgiving and Christmas – if no one else tells you, I want you to know very appreciated you are.

Sorry to be so long winded about it, buy hey, I’m a writer – anyone can just say “thanks!”

You and your family have a wonderful holiday season and you will be hearing from me in the next couple months via BookLocker.

Yours in writing,