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Having just consulted my lawyer on another topic that is similar (to the Damon Gibson situation), a verbal contract is still a legal contract. CY has a fee-for-service contract. CY upholded her/his end of the contract, therefore is due remuneration. As far as copyright issues are concerned. As soon as CY puts pen to paper or keystrokes on a Word page, her thoughts are immediately copyrighted. You can’t copyright an idea but as soon as that idea is put into written form, it’s copyrighted.

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Your Creativity As a Loving, Inexpensive (and Funny!) Holiday Gift!


Hi Angela,

Do you browse https://www.etsy.com often? I love it. They have so many hand made items, hand made by one person or a small group. (They also have fixed pricing, which I actually find refreshing so I don’t gave to wait for an auction to end, love it, and then lose it. If I don’t like the price, I can just move on.) They have lots of children’s stuff, whether it’s clothing or toys that are hand made, and kid safe and age appropriate. Great to use for buying American where you know items aren’t made in sweatshops and/or by kids. You support American artists/clothiers and avoid big box stores. Most are also reasonable prices considering they aren’t made in factories… So far I haven’t found one seller with any negative feedback…

Karen Carver
Lawrence, KS

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Angela is a big fan of etsy.com. She recently listed her book, How to Reborn a Doll in a Day, at Etsy. See: https://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18450177