Some POD Publishers Raising List Prices; Angering Authors

From a PublishAmerica Author:

Hi Angela,

It wasn’t until I read your newsletter today that I discovered my POD publisher had also increased my book’s price.

My biggest complaint with Publisher America (PA) from the beginning has always been their exhorbitant pricing. At that time, my book (a 312-page paperback) was listed at $24.99. I couldn’t sell it, even to my family members!

In the last few years, the price was reduced to $19.99 (again, they did not inform me – I simply stumbled across the price decrease). However, my book now lists (retail) at $29.99, with a $5 discount to buyers who purchase my book through PA. PA did not contact me at all for this increase. Not sure they had any legal obligation to do so, but ethically, it would have been nice.

So, Angela, I guess you can add me to your list. The real question remains: What can we authors do about it? Answer: Probably nothing. It never pays to argue with PA. Like another author mentioned in your article, PA will ban you from their message board if you dare complain about anything they do. There is no getting out of their ridiculous 7-year contract unless you pay (and it’s a lot more than $300 as per your article!), and since pricing is through the roof, only Mom and Dad will buy your books through this (company). All I can say is, I will be thrilled when my 7 years is up.

Thanks for the heads up! Once again, your newsletter was an eye-opener.

~Julie Donner Andersen

From a Author:

Lulu Price Jackup

My book at Lulu has gone from $9.99 to $11.21:

Wonder what’s up with that?