Sites Who Stole My Work Paid Up

I am writing to thank you for the article you have posted on Writer’s Weekly titled How to Deal with Online Media Pirates by Alicia Karen Elkins. A couple of weeks ago I googled myself to see what might show up. Was I surprised when two articles were listed that I had no idea were posted. One I had submitted almost a year before and the other one I had never submitted. While both sites gave me credit for having written the articles, neither had contacted me for permission or payment.

I read every week and remembered reading this article. I promptly printed it up and started following the steps Alicia suggests for getting paid. It worked!! I received checks from both sites. I never had to get ugly or threatening, I just firmly demanded payment and it came through (after about three weeks). Thank you for keeping valuable articles like this on your site. It really helped this freelancer and probably many more.

Best regards,

Martha Miller