Response to What Exactly Is a Vanity Press?

In response to this Ask The Expert – What Exactly Is A Vanity Press?:

I would never consider a vanity press for a few reasons:

1 – You are totally upfront about your company’s goals and purpose Vanity publishers are deceptive.

2 – As I understand it, you are selective about the books you print. Vanity presses used to be [when I looked into it years ago] willing to print anything as long as the “author” had some money.

The big thing I knew about vanity presses years ago, before POD, etc., were available, is not only the high price. [THEN it was far higher than $1500 so they must be feeling the competition from POD. Seems to me a friend of mine sent to two vanity publishers and it was closer to $10,000 for a hard cover.] But just their name as a publisher was like a scarlet letter — making one’s book totally ineligible for any reviews even if it was a pretty good book.

POD is wonderful because I believe one can self-publish as well (through, i.e., obtain one’s own ISBN, copyright, etc., publisher name and logo if one wishes to do so. Having a selective policy is a PLUS for the author as well, although he/she might not think so at the time when rejected. A reality check.

Maggy Simony
Cape Canaveral, FL


Responses to Angela’s Article – When Authors Are Jerks

In response to When Authors Are Jerks:


I am appalled! In fifteen years of writing for a regional newspaper, I was never subjected to that kind of stupidity, not from the readers, the publisher (staff, etc.)–not even people I wrote about, sometimes critically. I thought that writers would probably be more savvy than “the average bear.” And the “boyfriend” was on a university staff???? Good God! Do you get much crap like that?

Way to go, with respect to the “delete” process!

Regards to you, Richard, and family (rescued cat, too, of course–can you give a community some kind of intelligence test before moving into it, do you suppose?).

Kevin Murphy
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I can’t believe people who do that. I just don’t understand. You know if they acted that way with you, what would they do or say to a traditional publisher? This is an example of authors going too far. Heck, I’m usually am happy just to get published.

Take care.

Larry Sells



OMG What freaks! It’s all sounds so unbelievable. You have such good stories.



Hey, Angela,

Loved your post about the author and her jerk ghost writer and boyfriend. Good for you for telling on the threatening idiot. People think the Internet hides their poor behavior. I’m glad you helped them see that it doesn’t. (I wonder what the author will think of this behavior.)

And good for you for sticking to your mantra. “We don’t work with jerks.” I love it!

Patch Rose


Hi Angela-

I’m a new subscriber (recommended by a writer buddy whose book you published) and just wanted to let you know how much I’m appreciating the timely, informative articles you post. I’d been hearing about “blogging” and didn’t know what it involved. Now I’ve got an inkling of what it’s all about. Thanks.

Gay Ingram
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