Readers’ Letters and Comments for 02/08/18

Readers’ Letters and Comments for 02/08/18


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I got my files back (all 13 manuscripts of them) from CreateSpace because I have a Chase Business Card and it must have been considered merchandise paid for but not received. Don’t deal with CreateSpace at all!

– perleyjthibodeau

I recommend BookLocker whenever I can.

– Pamela Allegretto

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Two women clash in World War 2 Nazi-occupied Rome.


“ is giving away ebooks for free, including mine! What’s a DMCA takedown notice and where can I find one?”

Thank you so much. I’m about to share this page with a group of authors I promote with. Several of my books are on the site, even ones that weren’t officially published!!!

– Lissa Woodson


I took your advice last week and sent a DMCA takedown notice. After reading this article I decided to check to see if my book had been taken down from their website.

Surprisingly (or not) I clicked on your link to as well as did a google search and both times I got a “403 Forbidden” message. Makes me wonder if they folded their tent and disappeared into cyberspace or are simply reincarnating as a new website. Thanks for the initial headsup anyway, Angela and staff.

– Chris Norbury

I highly recommend that you DO NOT fill out a DMCA with them – they are fairly clearly a spam site which is out to infect people with a virus. There are not even ads on the site, and most of the content is just skimmed off of other book sites. It’s highly unlikely they have any actual books available. It’s far more likely this is all a front to infect computers with a virus so the end user either gets their computer locked or their content stole. If you hand them a DMCA with your personal information, you’re just adding to the information they can abuse and resell. What I recommend instead is going higher up the food chain and lobbying with their hosting firm to shut down the entire site, as they are clearly running an illegal operation in total.

– lisasheaorigami

I sent them a take-down notice but didn’t include any personal information – only my name, email address, book titles, and links to my titles on their site.

– Angela Hoy, Publisher of WritersWeekly

Since my books are out of print, I was surprised to find two of them (one with all 3 editions) at Jeansbet. Thanks so much for an informative and detailed article. I have sent my notices off per instructions and will check frequently to see if the were effective.

– calamityjaimie


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  1. Chris Norbury  February 8, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    I didn’t fill out their form. Found an online attorney who had prepped a template. I used that and then sent that form as an attachment to the email addresses Angela gave us when she first posted the article. Computer works fine, I don’t think I got any viruses. Thanks for the heads up.