OUR READERS ARE LAUGHING AT ANGELA!! Readers’ Letters and Comments – 09/20/18

OUR READERS ARE LAUGHING AT ANGELA!! Readers’ Letters and Comments – 09/20/18


PART I: A Snake Fell On My Face! ON MY FACE!!!

Hysterical! You told that horrifying story beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

-Johnny Townsend
A Day at the Temple
Lying for the Lord
The Gay Mormon Quilter’s Club

OMG. I would have been out of my mind!! I have a fear of snakes. I know I would have screamed. The slime alone would have made me want to go home. You’re brave! Haha!


I laughed so hard reading this. I woulda have high-tailed it out of that blind immediately.


Dear Angela:

Good courage, good humor, and good spirit!

Just to make you feel better, I have a navy buddy who was with a navy patrol (P-3C 4-engined patrol planes) who was stationed in Guam for just over a year, and so brought his new wife with him. There were brown snakes all over the place and they take to water systems.

Long horrible story. To make it short, she had just sat herself down on the ceramic throne (commode) when she was ‘nudged’ from below. Wife-shaped hole in the ceiling.

Near Death Experience due to constipation.

Never went there again without a straightened out coat hanger to probe for uninvited guests before making use of the facilities. Truly happy when the tour was over and she returned the Seattle area. Never complained about the rains again.

-Doug Nelson

Reply from Angela Hoy – Publisher of WritersWeekly.com

OH MY GOSH!!!! Something like THAT would have definitely resulted in me being carted away in the Twinkie Mobile!!




3 Responses to "OUR READERS ARE LAUGHING AT ANGELA!! Readers’ Letters and Comments – 09/20/18"

  1. writerleenda  September 21, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    Never mind Ang, you just teach that stupid thing to dance for you. Watch out though, they dance and then they strike so get ready to fly.

  2. Michael W. Perry  September 21, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Admittedly, some snakes are a nuisance. Get bitten by a rattler and you may be out tens of thousand of dollars for anti-toxins that retail at many hundreds of times the cost of their production. That needs to be changed.

    But if you actually hold a non-poisonous snake in your hands, they’re not slimy. Their skin is warm, soft and silky. And most do us a lot of good. I’m delighted that a rat-eating snake lives in the woods next to my house.

    • By Angela Hoy - Publisher of WritersWeekly.com  September 21, 2018 at 1:42 pm

      It slimed me because it had been lying on a wet, dirty rafter (morning dew and super high humidity). There are only 6 venomous snake species in Florida but 50 species of snakes so I knew I had a good fighting chance that he was the non-poisonous variety. And, per the post, I had pet snakes growing up. LOTS of them. I LOVE snakes. 🙂

      Angela Hoy, Publisher